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Bag Closing Machine

Model: GK9-2

Bag Closing Machine can sew together many kinds of poly bags, textiles and papers, such as cotton, jute, PVC, PP, PE and woven cloth. This lightweight yet rugged hand-held equipment is easy for a novice to use. Stitchers are seen in industrial settings, efficiently closing bags of seeds, flour, vegetables, textiles, agricultural supplies and more. We carry both the machine and the thread you’ll need to keep your operation running smoothly.

Product Description

GK9-2 is a very light weight machine, mainly suitable for sewing grain, sugar, salt bags etc.
An economic portable bag closer model for bag closing.

It is applicable to express industry, food industry, chemical industry, textile industry, car MATS etc, can be used for food, sugar, salt, fertilizer, feed meal, chemical products, metal powder, items such as canvas bags, flour sacks, woven bags, paper bags of the packet.


Spec. of Motor (V/Hz)
220/50 110/60
Max. Length of Thread Mark (mm)
Spec. of Sewing Needle
Spec. of Sewing Thread
20 branches 6-9 vinylon line
Sewing Speed (Stitches/min)
External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)
Net Weight (kg)

Product Applications

Bag Closing Machine - product applications
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